Coronavirus volunteer group partners with Council

Collaboration aims to provide support to Darlington’s residents affected by the outbreak

The Coronavirus Support for Vulnerable Darlington group has started a partnership with Darlington Borough Council to work together to meet the increasing needs of the community during the Coronavirus pandemic.

This partnership will involve a number of fronts, including signposting residents, exchanging and vetting volunteers and sharing resources.

Nursery nurse Kimberley Scott, 28, who created the Facebook group behind the project said: “I am absolutely delighted that we have partnered with the Council in Darlington to tackle the Coronavirus crisis. When we expressed an interest last week to work with the Council, we thought that we wouldn’t have an agreement in place for many months as local authorities are generally slow to respond. Instead, the Council got in touch immediately and within days we were able to form this partnership. I am really impressed by how quickly and efficiently they acted. It is wonderful that everyone is coming together during this difficult time to support our community and improve the lives of our residents.”

Stephen Morgan, 34, who is using his business Inner Tranquility on Neasham Road as a base for the project, explained: “This new collaboration will provide us with more tools to make an even bigger impact locally. By having clear guidelines on where to signpost residents across the various points of help, we would all save valuable time. Also, by combining the process of vetting volunteers with the Council, we would avoid any duplication of work that could occur if we and the Council have each to carry out a separate vetting process.”

Businessman George Jabbour, 38, who has set up the policies and structure of the group, added: “As we are at the forefront of organising community efforts in tackling the Coronavirus, we will be working with the Council to develop best practices that could be replicated in other areas across our region and our country. Our group will also operate as an umbrella organisation for any volunteers in Darlington who would like to help residents.”

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